Qualifications for Master Music Education

Hey guys, I’m a sophomore at a liberal arts school. I’m currently getting my B.A. in Education with a concentration in Music.

First Question

My question is, will that be enough to get me into a good Masters program for Music Education? Should I transfer to a music school and get a B.M. in Music Ed instead?
I should probably note that I’m from NY and my B.A. is in Early Childhood education. I’m looking to be the primary music teacher at an elementary school (ie. teach the general music class as well as maybe lead an ensemble).

Second Question

My question is really, will a good music school (I’m particularly looking at Crane in Potsdam, NY, but I know it’s very competitive) laugh me out the door because I don’t have a B.M.? Would a B.A. in EC Education even leave me eligible to go to music school for my masters?

Here’s what I’ve Learned:

It depends a bit on what age/grade levels you intend on working with and what state you plan to get credentialed in. If you intend on teaching college or university, then an ed’. degree may be a colossal waste of time. In some states, the degree program I’m are currently working on is only good for a K-8 credential, which means you would not be able to teach high school. I need research different states credentialing rules and then make a more informed decision on whether to switch programs or not.