Music and Language Studies.

I’m trying to figure out where I want to go to college. I’ve been debating between becoming an interpreter, as I love languages, and my mom is becoming an American Sign Language interpreter, I think that would be fun; and between music education, I’ve played guitar for 8 years, love it, and thought I’d enjoy teaching music at a college. However I think I’d prefer being an interpreter, and also I think part of the reason I’d want to do music is simply to have the chance of going through college focused on guitar, it’d be so enjoyable. So I decided I’d go for interpreting, and double-major in that and in music performance in guitar. However trying to look for colleges that would offer something like that is difficult. I live in Charlotte, NC and prefer to go somewhere not TOO far away…hopefully within six hours perhaps.

For my language, I’m native in english, and would be interested in interpreting Spanish or Japanese, initially at least. And for guitar, I’d prefer a jazz program over classical.

Appalachian State University in Boone NC might be the perfect choice since it’s close and offers both Music and Language studies.. we’ll see.