Smoking and Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks Stopping Smoking

However you choose to stop smoking if the way you have chosen hasn’t worked for you then move on to the next method. It is often the case that some people need to try a number of different methods until they eventually find the right one. In fact, it is often the case that only a number of failed attempts using different methods will enable a person to eventually quit.

Tobacco and Nicotine

300px-some_killsResearch has proven that by quitting smoking you can greatly minimize the chances of having a panic attack. Tobacco and nicotine has been proven to cause panic attacks. Since the main ingredients for cigarettes are these two substances, cigarette smoking is a catalyst for panic attacks. There is no argument about the association of panic attacks and smoking. It has been confirmed and proven. Hence, by not smoking you are eliminating the chances of panic attacks happening or at least minimize its intensity and frequency.

Some Kills

On the contrary, many smokers are still in doubt of this fact. They instead have the mentality that quitting smoking will result in them having panic attacks. Just by thinking about quitting their bad habit, they feel uneasy and start to get headaches. When smokers run low of cigarettes and cannot find a store nearby to replenish their supply, they experience a mild panic and they associate this as a mild panic attack.


There are many ways to control your panic attacks. The best way to confront these tensions and urges is to relax your mind and body. So each time you are running out of cigarettes or whenever you feel the urge to smoke but you cannot because certain situations will not allow you to, try to calm yourself and relax. Try to convince yourself that nicotine itself is the one that is causing these weird feelings and the only way to be free from these attacks is by freeing yourself from addiction.

Relaxation Helps Withdrawal

So once you have decided to quit for good, practice doing relaxation techniques to help you confront your adversary during the withdrawal stage. Keep in mind the end results always; strengthen your desire and seek unlimited sources of motivation. And soon you will attain your goal and become once again a non-smoker.