How Do You Get Accepted to The Following Colleges.

Howie F asked:

Ok, so here are links. I didn’t do good back ground checks. Im still in the process, I have time to make a decision. I was wondering if maybe you could search these websites to help me out. I just need to find out what you need to get accepted. I’m trying so many sites out! GAH!!!!!!!!! If you do help me, can you post the actual link where it says what you need or if you went to the college then can you just tell me.
Here are the college links, thanks, this really means a lot to me. If you know any colleges in england or Illinios, it would be fantastic if you could give me a link to get to them. for those of you that know how old I am, (aka, I want to travel the world, sister dodo, and madeline) don’t yell at me, its better than waiting to the last minute to panic! Thanks again, Oh and I want to be major in music education for woodwinds brass and percussion, and minor in counseling… and here are the links I promised oh so long ago!
thanks. Im SO STRESSED!!! I found if you get stressed, peppermint tea helps!